Welcome to Four Lines! I have a goal I would like to write at least four lines of poetry or a haiku every day for the rest of my life. I'm excited about this challenge! Also, along with my daily poem, I will be reading at least four lines of another author's poetry. I'll try to include that here also. So I'm thinking - how difficult can it be to read and then write one poem a day? We will see! - Claudia

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

  What is it like to live in Eurasia?
Mom is flying to St Petersburg soon - 
  she has seen herself there.
In her bags there is no room again 
  to sneak myself in.  Perhaps 
I should set aside French, Spanish
  and learn Russian, across the tracks... 

  across the tracks I'd meet poetry kin
at ancient places, share wine at cafes.  
  We could laugh and drink till
we slice our hands and blood to blood
  become bonded siblings.  Yes... 
I'll fly over the illusory divide
  maybe with Michael, who loves
the entire world.  We'll pull up tracks, 
  plant orchards, extend our families
and learn more... what it's like
 to be Eurasian and American.

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