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Friday, August 17, 2012

I remember when I was young
  part of me pined to be a nun,
    to love God, only, with all my heart
as my Creator and as a man.

Then everywhere was John Thiele...
  on the bus, in the halls, the basketball 
    court, laughing with my brother.
I thought I'd die when he looked at me,

my heart not in my chest - even then,
  I'd given it away as the sun gives light.  
    I dreamed, if I became a nun,
I'd commit adultery and kill myself!

However...   I know the fire of loving
  Yahweh, a fire burning in me more 
    every day and when I die,
Love will consume me.

This is the reason of my morning.
  The vatican is, in part, a sea of egos,
    yes, not always and not all.
Today, our brave and married nuns

follow their Son, wherever He leads...
  where He lead his disciples...
    to the poor and the outsiders hated,
to the devoted and the dead,

to all who would listen!
  Our nuns are on fire with Truth! -
     Egos at the vatican fear them.
Perhaps they could speak to Mother Mary.

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