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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I appreciate Larry forever and ever*
for stopping by the help line to visit me.
I was sitting motionless because of a caller,
a caller in the deep, a maniacal caller in the deep,
layered, lost, lost in the depths, so low, his soul
was unknown to him. He called and called,
over, over, over, and over, ringing again and again.
I refused to answer.  I could not help unpeel
his hatred, listen to him trying to shock me - desiring me
to react - to react even by hanging up on him,
hanging up on him, but not before politely saying,
"I have to end this call. I'm going to end this call now."
I would not be another voice, attend by adding another layer
to the many voices burying him, including his own.
I forgot the teaching of The Course in Miracles,
no one can hurt you unless you let them.
I will not follow one thought, one emotion,
one hovering, in the dark helicopter that does not love the world.
I may see unkindness, but I will not follow it
because of my love for my ascension, my love
for my growing self.  While I was wishing I had not volunteered
that night, out of nowhere Larry arrived to see how I was doing.
We sometimes work Saturdays together.  Right away
he made me laugh, lifted my spirits clear out of the building
into the sun at night and handed me a Lindt chocolate with almonds.
"Some people we cannot help.  Someone else will have
to help him." Larry said.  Suddenly, he called again.
Larry answered, instead of me, and he hung up.

*appreciation, like love, is forever 

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