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Monday, June 18, 2012

Dad, I don't know 
                                what to say.
Things sad remain under ground with your bones.
Is it true they are still here after all these years,
this day only, returning to me?
What would you say?
Things sad remain under ground with his bones.
He scared me, scared me more
                      than anyone in my life.
I always loved you.  I loved you wishing,
wishing, wishing over and over, like in fairy tales,  
you would turn into a loving, proud father.
You scared me too.
I'm sorry he hurt you.  If he loved you,
then you would have loved my brothers and me.
You would have been able to love.
I still wish you had been able to love.

What I will do this father's day,
is open your grave with forgetting wind,
forgetting wind, that passes away,
with forgetting wind that passes all understanding,
passes away all things sad under ground.
I'll brighten, lighten your bones, sing to you, 
unmasking happy things, as many as I can find,
like when you bought me Leo, 
my stuffed lion, almost as big as me.
I loved Leo.  Dad, I loved Leo. 
Thank you for him.

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