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Sunday, May 20, 2012

                                                     Hartist Shoshana

At the convention, I was one of many once-upon-a-time diagnosed people - temporarily touched, unaware of our power and beauty, now in the middle and on the other side, learning to know and knowing.  No one can overcome, be the Self we were born to be, alone.

I listened to lectures, but "sage-wing" Shoshana, asked our names and lead us one by one, into her "whurled" of love stirred by hart with interruptions of suicide.  How impolite, how arrogant of suicide, unwelcomed, to storm into her life, louder when alone, trying to sink her boat with all her art work, inciting her to drown.   Suicide is clueless, of course.  Shoshana, synergized, is shining, synchronized, uncontained and growing because of her art "in service to the Lored," the "Lored" that knows no separation.

We looked into her window, her volunteerism, her ferociousness and fear to "speech-out," interact, be "pArt" of a community of friends.

I saw Shoshana's spiritual journey into her powerful "cellf," filled with her glorious humor, suicide sending only rare reminder emails she leaves unopened, "speeching," exhibiting drawings, volunteering, never lonely again and a voice whispered to me.  Recognize Shoshana.

The words in quotations are Shoshana's own spellings.  She is not only an inspiring artist and speaker, she is a poet, a creator of words.

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