Welcome to Four Lines! I have a goal I would like to write at least four lines of poetry or a haiku every day for the rest of my life. I'm excited about this challenge! Also, along with my daily poem, I will be reading at least four lines of another author's poetry. I'll try to include that here also. So I'm thinking - how difficult can it be to read and then write one poem a day? We will see! - Claudia

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

                 Sonnet Eight        

I dreamt of a melody, melancholy, light,
ariose and full of hope. When I woke,
half asleep,  I sat at my piano playing it right
the first time through.  When playing it again
a fog, a veil descended, notes faded into night,
a candle blown out by an open window's wind.
I realized I was still dreaming.
Come morning the melody disappearing,
on the floor luminescent turquoise seeming
ice art pieces of exquisite patterns placed
about were melting.  My bare feet wet, cold.
I saw moonstone, rolling glaciers beaming,
like last night's Nova documentary on ice.
I realized again I was dreaming.

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