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Saturday, April 28, 2012

               Sonnet 18

Never rhyme just to rhyme -
I still hear Professor Pao-Llosa say.
I'll do it one time.  Come what may.
See?  I'll do it again, you'll see then,
as with William Carlos William's
hens, on what so much depends.
Of course, they couldn't all be hens;
he wrote "chickens." There must be
a rooster or three in his procreative
poem.  Pao-Llosa loomed, a Cuban native,
his machismo wearing, a hot stone,
uncaring about feelings.  He wrote to me...
"You'll never be a poet, until you..," know it,
"Never rhyme just to rhyme."

* Professor Pao-Llosa is also a brilliant,
Pulitzer Prize nominee for poetry and has
won several awards.  His books:  Sorting 
Metaphors,  Bread of the Imagined, Cuba
Mastery Impulse, and Parable Hunter

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