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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

We stop at the park,
yes, you know, I can't drive past
without a mandatory walk,
the sensing of seasonal changes.
Today is the big thaw.
Orion, Onyx and I stroll
into the awakening, stretching forest,
and cross the slushy thawing lake.
Everywhere is melting, melting snow
and ice, falling drops in a chorus
sounding of wind chimes.
Everywhere are puddles,
clear, amoeba shaped puddles.
Orion and I step through them in our boots
and Onyx with her amazing paws.

As we turn the corner towards
the car, Orion runs ahead.
Suddenly, he stops and ambles out
onto edge of the lake,
looking down and then up
at the cornflower, shining sky.
He notices Onyx and me and waves.

Orion's head is wrapped in gauze,
a pony tail of wires hanging
down his back connected
to a portable EEG machine.
He took the bandanna off
earlier today when I said
he looked like a pirate.
A pirate is definitely uncool.

I love my second son,
14 and now taller than me!
The nurse at the clinic
last week made it official.
What will happen
height-wise this summer
when I pick Orion up from camp?
His personality will stay
mostly the same - gregarious,
funny, musically talented,
intelligent, sometimes bossy,
athletic, a tendency towards
disorganization, independent,
animal loving, and mature enough
to easily say, "I'm sorry."

Refreshed, we all climb back
into the car and I drive out of the park.
I know one thing for sure,
when I see Orion after
being at camp this summer,
he'll be even taller than taller,
even taller than taller, then me, again.

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