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Monday, March 12, 2012

Orion is playing "Let It Be"
in different keys,
to get him out of C major,
his teacher said,
where he writes most of his songs.

I'm practicing to get out of C major too.
If I "let it be," there will be
no songs in modes with sharps or flats,
no minor, dorian, pentatonic scales.
Birth through death will be as one season,

on one horizontal, straight line.
Or conversely does, "let it be"
mean to allow growth and learning
creating or not creating...
without resisting as music flows,

a symbiosis of myself and the piano?
The turtle suns himself, motionless,
logged in the swamp.  I notice his
beautiful shell walking on the bridge
and upon my return he is unmoved.

Has a fly passed by to be snapped up
and swallowed whole by the turtle
with just an opening and closing of his jaw?
"Let it be..." is this what Jesus in the bible
Matthew 19, 22 through 31 refers to?

"The lilies, how they grow:
they toil not, they spin not;
and yet I say unto you,
that Solomon in all his glory
was not arrayed like one of these.*"

Were Jesus and Mother Mary,
living "let it be...." in order to create
new understanding and peace,
a garden of change through love?
If Michael Angelo let the marble be

would he have found David
or was he letting it be by
sculpting and assisting
David's becoming into being?
If I meditate, pray all day,

will that bring food to the table
for my son and me?  Or must
I look to find means to clothe
and feed us?  Am I of little faith?
Should I turn to run away

if someone hits me on the face
or should I turn the other cheek
allowing, not resisting, letting it be?
Oh, I am circling, chasing my tail
like a cat!  Sometimes the answer,

and this is one such moment,
when no matter how much
pondering, puzzling and figuring
I end up deciding to simply...
"Let It Be."

* Matthew 19, verse 27

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