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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Only... only 10 pounds to loose
no focusing on past bleak news,
I am changing my mind to brighter hues.
On my way, I'm leaving my guises.
"Out" are elephantine portion sizes,
"In" is giving up chocolate cake.
Yes, and Merlot marinated mushroom steak.
No sodas, chips, cream in my coffee,
candy crunch walnuts with chocolate and toffee,
delectable burgers, french fries, brie,
strawberry ice cream, cherries jubilee,
blackberry, current and blueberry pie,
salmon with bearnaise sauce, my, oh my!
When foodies talk food, the limits the sky!

Only... only 10 pounds to loose
having to pay for yesterday's dues.
I'm singing a paradoxical blues.
In a new direction there's someone to see.
Who?  A healthier, happier, beautiful me!
If I win a poetry contest or two,
I'm flying to Paris to visit the Louvre
see Vincent's painting for inspiration
sit at outdoor cafes in celebration
drink red wine and watch people walk by.
In the US, we over work. I think that's why
we're busy, stressed and gaining weight
rushing to eat what's on our plate.
No more thinking of past bleak news
I have only 10, only 10 lbs. to loose.

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