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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Edictum/Commandment from the Creator of All

all husbands on planet earth
who insist or allow their wives
walk behind them

must now walk behind their wives

all husbands on planet earth
who believe their wives
are their property

shall now become the property of their wives

This edict is in effect individually
as and until each husband determines:
wife and husband are equal
equal to stand side by side
equal to walk side by side
equal to decide side by side
equal in every way.
Each shall honor the other and compromise, when needed, as equals.

Furthermore,  no one on planet earth
shall henceforth be married
unless they agree and believe
in their heart and actions
that equality is true, just and loving -

a spouse to a spouse
a family member to a family member
a love to a love
a friend to a friend
a neighbor to a neighbor
a land to a land
the divided to the divided

                            divisions are sensory in time and space
                            and need not be divided ever

For those with opening thoughts -
edicts, laws, time, space are perceived for
their usefulness. Once realized and understood,
their purpose is fulfilled, no longer needed, 
their illusionary nature known.

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