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Monday, October 8, 2012

His first marathon, 26.2 miles,
In less then five hours -
Twin Cities finish line crossed,
like kissing the ground of home
after a long voyage to distant lands.
He wept in my arms,
this determined, hale, warmhearted man.
Next year I'll weep into his
following his lead.
Today I ran around the block
layered in crunching autumn leaves,
not a third of a mile, unable to run one more step.
The thought of 26.2 miles appears, a looming,
mountain behind continuously moving cumulous clouds,
clouds he suddenly appeared through
like running people of ancient times.

Now he says no to running.
Lying next to me, I smell his shoulders,
gaze into sparkling, intriguing eyes.
Giddy he answers the gamut one by one,
Run, not walk?
Run for your life?
Off and running? Hit the ground running?
No and no.
Run of the mill?
No. Walk of the mill.
Eat and run?
No, eat and converse.
Run an errand?
Run a tight ship?
A sailboat?
The course of true love never did runs smooth?
Still waters run deep? Stocks for the long or short run?
Run like the wind? Run your fingers through my hair,
your hand across my thigh?
Hmmm... Ah, hmmmm... No.  Meander?
Stroll?  Walk?  Step?  Pace?
Tread?  Journey?  Bike?  Yes.
Run?  Read my lips... N O.
The illusion of time -  heals all wounds, 
running included, so.....
might you say yes two years from now?
No.  There is no running out of time.
He's passed the baton to me.

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