Welcome to Four Lines! I have a goal I would like to write at least four lines of poetry or a haiku every day for the rest of my life. I'm excited about this challenge! Also, along with my daily poem, I will be reading at least four lines of another author's poetry. I'll try to include that here also. So I'm thinking - how difficult can it be to read and then write one poem a day? We will see! - Claudia

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Jim and I sprawl on the floor
with stuffed animals,
freeing their voices, our minds ajar.
Leo hides in grasses golden
as his mane.  "I see you," says Scarlet,
on sunny currents of gliding air.
Raisin peers through leafy walls,
taps his shoulder, "You're it!"
and dives away camouflaged.
I don't want to go down the stairs.
                      I'm not going.
                I'm not going.
        I'm not going.
   I'm staying here being Leo
with Jim next to me.

We line up.
"I did it," Jim lies.
Into the dungeon my brother decends,
taking what was meant for me,
though I did something as small
as leaving Raisin on the floor.
I cuddle my Leo, 
must go down, 
                 Scarlet flies
                     above my head
                           until the last step.

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