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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Orion, my thirteen-year-old constellation,
sometimes you turn your "Mom's volume"
down and I'm drowned out by Linkin Park,
a phone conversation or your piano playing.
I have something important to tell you.

This has to do with me,
I'm not going to say....
 "Finish your home work.
Read every word.
Take out the garbage.
Walk the dog.
Great effort!"
"One hour of piano!
Let's go to Big Bowl!
How was your day at school?
Close the front door -
It's 15 degrees outside!"

I'm going to say ....
I want to, but I cannot
attend your choir concert today.
I can imagine you
walking on stage,
singing with your class mates.
I hear Christmas Carols and Hanuka songs.
I hear your voice too,
changed to a beautiful base.
You may goof off a little
but mostly you are concentrating.

I love you to the edge of the universe.
That is how far love goes.
And the universe is expanding too,
so I guess that means,
I love you forever.

I give you my word.
I will go to the May concert
if I have to run five miles
because my car breaks down,
(You know my running ability!)
if I have to cancel tickets 
for a trip to Hawaii,
if I have to decline a date
with the greatest man on earth,
if I have to jump over the moon 
and bring back a basaltic moon rock.
I will be at your May Choir concert.
I will be there.
I hope you have your, or may be
I should say, please have your
"Mom's volume" set high enough,
so you can hear me.

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